JKN Global Media PCL (SET:JKN) Plans to Aggressively Produce Contents under CNBC Brand

Strengthens audience base in Thailand

BANGKOK — JKN Global Media PCL (SET:JKN), a leader in global content distribution, is trading on mai stock market of the Stock Exchange of Thailand on 30th of November 2017. The company believes in its potential growth which will reflect through the positive respond from investors. JKN executives continue to aggressively produce and distribute CNBC’s contents to strengthen the company’s reputation in Thailand and encourage its business growth.

Mr. Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip, Chief Executive Officer of JKN, announced that the company has registered its shares on the mai for the first time on 30th November 2017 with the initial JKN after public sale offering of 140 million IPO shares with par value of 0.50 baht and subscription price of 8 baht per share on 22nd-24th of November 2017. Confidently, JKN shares will get a good response from investors on the first trading day.

JKN is a leader in the global content distribution business which has various range of content and serves the demand of customers in all platforms. In the past nine months (January – September) of 2017, JKN had total revenue of 873.60 million baht which increased from the same period in 2016 by 280.31 million baht (47.25% growth rate). The significant growth came from the sales of content which is 95.24% of total revenue during the past nine months of 2017. The net profits of the period was 176.11 million baht which increased from the same period last year by 39.96 million baht.

After the fund raising on the mai, the company plans to operate CNBC Thailand’s news TV station and produce CNBC branded contents, which is licensed by NBC in the United States. The production line will be structured in the style of the CNBC brand and will use Thai emcees and moderators in the production of the programs to broadcast on JKN CNBC channel.

In addition to CNBC Thailand’s news channel business and CNBC branded content production, the company is also licensed to edit, translate, and dub in Thai the CNBC branded contents that are produced and broadcast internationally. In the second quarter of the year, the company has sold CNBC branded contents to digital TV broadcasters such as Channel 3 and Bright TV. In the future, the company plans to distribute contents to other television operators and other platforms.

“We are confident in CNBC branded content production plans which are to expand its content distribution business and television business. This will drive JKN to be the leader in distributing and internationally importing global contents in order to distribute in Thailand and the CLMV country group, as well as being the manufacturer and holder of quality contents for sale and distribution through both domestic and international channels. This will help strengthen the company’s operations and growing steadily,” said Mr. Jakkaphong.

Mr. Komkrit Meekumsat, Senior Vice President of KT ZMICO Securities Co., Ltd, as a financial advisor and underwriter, stated that JKN is a company with good business fundamentals, and has potential for rapid growth by the vision and experience of the management team in content business. JKN is a diversified content hub serving the demand of customers in all channels of Digital TV, Cable TV and Satellite TV, as well as Home Entertainment and Internet channels. It also distributes contents in the form of merchandise goods and related products.

Meanwhile, many of the contents distributed by JKN are eligible to Output Deal by the copyright owner. During the grant, JKN can select contents from the copyright owner as first priority. JKN also has some rights that cover content distribution in neighboring countries such as Republic of the Union of Myanmar (Myanmar) and The Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Laos) leading to a great opportunity for JKN to expand its business.