O-Net Develops the World’s First 400m Transmission SFP28 Active Optical Cable based on Semtech’s ClearEdge(TM) CDRs

Avails Cost Effective Solutions to Data Centers

HONG KONG — Leading high-technology enterprise O-Net Technologies (Group) Limited (“O-Net”) (stock code: 877) and Semtech Corporation (“Semtech”) (Nasdaq: SMTC) announced today that O-Net’s SFP28 Active Optical Cable (“AOC”) which is integrated with Semtech’s 25Gbps Dual ClearEdgeTM CDR has marked a breakthrough to reach transmission distance of 400 meters OM4 fiber with RS-FEC and 300 meters without RS-FEC by passing multiple tests, once again demonstrating O-Net’s pioneering position in the industry. SFP28 AOC (Part Number 1AT-LS6MxxXX-01A) is a 25G/28G transceiver which can accelerate data center and high-performance computing interconnections. This product commenced mass production in August 2017.

To offer next generation computing connectivity, global web-scale data centers have a growing demand for high speed connectivity solutions that deliver the bandwidth and reach such data centers require. Current AOC solutions typically have a transmission distance of 100 meters per cable maximum. Leveraging O-Net’s innovative transceiver design and durable low cost packaging technology as well as Semtech’s 25G ClearEdgeTM CDR technology with integrated VCSEL compensation the GN2147, O-Net has achieved significant strides by developing the new SFP28 AOC which reaches up to 400 meters. O-Net’s AOC transmits 25Gbps data over parallel multi-mode fiber cable and enables acceleration of storage, data and high-performance computing connectivity. Compared to conventional AOC, the technology can be more easily adopted in the new 100G AOC/SR 100G SWDM4 and 400GBASE-SR16 products series with a conventional VCSEL. Its extended reach feature plus its superior low-power consumption, means a cost effective and powerful cabling solution is accessible to data center operators and high performance computers.

Mr. Austin Na, Chairman and CEO of O-Net, said, “We are very delighted to work with Semtech to develop the industry-breakthrough SFP28 AOC, that exceeds by far the transmission distance limitations of existing SFP28 AOC. Our dedication to developing innovative products has translated into synergies for our business as well as helped consolidate our leadership in developing optical networking components for next-generation data communications networking systems. We will seek to cooperate with more world-leading technology solution providers in the foreseeable future.”

Dr. Timothy Vang, Senior Director of Datacom Marketing for Semtech’s Signal Integrity Products Group, said, “Semtech’s comprehensive ClearEdgeTM CDR platform provides highly differentiated and innovative solutions to customers, which is an essential part of our long term commitment as an IC supplier to our customers in the optical market. We envisage that the SFP 25G AOC segment will become a critical building block for medium size data centers and we are well positioned to enable this market with a truly unique product.”

Product Information:
GN2147 is a solution for SFP28 SR modules and AOCs that includes dual ClearEdge CDRs, integrated transimpedance amplifier (TIA) and VCSEL driver. Offered in a compact 1.7mm x 3.0mm bare die format, the transceiver consumes less than 400mW total power to enable highly differentiated module solutions. It uses proprietary VCSEL compensation technology to enable low-bandwidth VCSELs and extended reach beyond 150m OM3 fiber, and supports data rates from 24.0Gbps to 28.1Gbps to enable a wide range of applications.