CWT INT’L Unveils New Image, To Expand Belt and Road Footprint


CWTaSINGAPORE — CWT International Limited (“CWT INT’L” or “Company”; stock code: 521.HK) held a celebration ceremony today at the historic Clifford Pier in Singapore featuring about 300 business partners globally and regionally, the Company’s management teams and staff members from Singapore and Hong Kong in the ceremony.

The event is to celebrate the completion of the acquisition of Singapore’s CWT Limited. The Company also took this opportunity to show gratitude to the support and trust from various parties. At this event, the Company unveiled its new CWT logo which will be applicable to both the Hong Kong listed Company and its subsidiary in Singapore.

The new logo signifies the close ties and connections between the commodity trading and logistics industries of the two regions with the aim of the Company to step forward to becoming an international integrated service platform for bulk commodity trading.

CWT INT’L Executive Director and the Chairman of CWT INT’L delivered the speech

CWT INT’L is confident of its prospects and pledges to seek full play of its edges in Hong Kong and Singapore and realize stronger synergies in human resources, technology, capital market and more areas. The brand-new corporate image represents the Company’s determination to explore new development opportunities with a new look.

CWT INT’L added that, the Belt and Road Initiative will vitalize infrastructure projects, increase demands for commodity trading and logistics services in Hong Kong, Singapore and other countries and regions alongside the “Belt and Road”, which will be expected to bring enormous developing opportunities to the Company. Leveraging its advantage in Hong Kong and Singapore, the Company is striving to continue to develop as an actively player under China’s Belt and Road initiative and to facilitate Renminbi’s internationalization.

Having established and operated in Singapore for over four decades, CWT Limited concentrates on logistics service and bulk commodity trading with the focus on engineering and financial service businesses. Years’ of developments have witnessed its various achievements, including in 2009 building the Singapore Commodity Hub, the largest logistics hub in Singapore and Southeast Asia, and the acquisition in 2011 of MRI, an independent bulk commodity trader in Europe. Nowadays, CWT Limited has extended its service coverage to more than 90 countries, over 200 ports and more than 1,600 regions globally.