Trillium Selected by Volkswagen Data:Lab Munich to Collaboration Space


CES 2018, Las Vegas — Trillium Secure, Inc. announced that it has been selected by Volkswagen Data:Lab Munich to participate in the Startup Collaboration Space, a program designed to join emerging companies with VW Group researchers in developing AI solutions for Volkswagen and the greater automotive industry. The Collaboration Space is entering a 2nd cycle of 14 weeks duration.

“With cyber carjackings quickly becoming a real threat, vehicular cybersecurity is no longer theoretical, but a reality. VW has taken the initiative of inviting Trillium to join our Collaboration Space, a no-brainer as they have an impressive track record with both peer recognition and innovative technologies. I look forward to working closely with Trillium to ensure cybersecurity for the cars of the future,” said Dr. Zach Izham, Project Manager of the Data:Lab.

Launched four years ago, the Volkswagen Data:Lab Munich has established itself as the center of competence at the Volkswagen Group in the areas of advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Trillium joins the ranks of Data:Lab researchers working towards sustainable mobility, incorporating robust cybersecurity into an artificial intelligence-driven connected and autonomous car environment.

“At Trillium, we have spent more than 7 years architecting and developing an artificial intelligence enabled security platform that meets the challenges and solves the most pressing problems facing auto makers and insurance providers in a connected & autonomously driven marketplace. Working with Volkswagen provides Trillium with an excellent opportunity to put our technology in motion,” said David Uze, Trillium CEO.

Trillium is at CES 2018. Please email to schedule an appointment.