Trillium Launches European Operations & Development Center


CES 2018, Las Vegas — Trillium Secure, Inc., the global leader in automotive cybersecurity technology, today launched its European Operations & Development Center in Brno, Czech Republic. With the new facility joining US and Asian centers to provide global coverage, Trillium is now capable of providing real-time global protection for the millions of commercial, public and private vehicles to be serviced by its SecureIoT C-SaaS platform.

Trillium develops and deploys security patches and counter measures in real-time as threats unfold. The Czech Republic location joins centers in Silicon Valley, Detroit, Ho Chi Min City and Tokyo in providing a seamless, manned and AI-enabled security monitoring and threat response.

“Trillium’s new European facility in Brno completes the time zones circling the globe, allowing us to provide true world-wide security threat monitoring and response, anywhere our subscribers are and whenever a new threat is identified. This is unique in the marketplace, and comes at a time when automotive OEM need to protect their vehicles from cyber threat, for the 12-15 year life-cycle of the vehicle.

“Trillium now provides the security technology and business model to dramatically reduce car manufacturer liability, and transform a considerable financial cost to the car maker into a compelling profit center,” said David Uze, Trillium CEO.

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