China Success Finance Announces Issuance of HK$154 Million Convertible Bonds


Enters into Subscription Agreement with CCB International to strengthen leadership position

HONG KONG — China Success Finance Group Holdings (“China Success Finance”; HK:3623) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a subscription agreement with Chance Talent Management Limited, an wholly-owned subsidiary of CCB International (Holdings) Limited (“CCB International”), for the issuance of 2-year 6% Convertible Bonds with an aggregate principle amount of HK$154,000,000.

According to the subscription agreement, the Convertible Bonds are convertible into shares at the initial conversion price of HK$2.20 per conversion share, which represents a premium of approximately 50% over the closing price of HK$1.47 per share as quoted on the HKEx on 25 January 2018. Assuming full conversion of the bonds, the bonds are to be convertible into approximately 70,000,000 Shares, accounting for 11.65% of the fully diluted share base.

Mr. Zhang Tiewai, Chairman and Executive Director of China Success Finance said, “The issuance of convertible bonds provides strategic support for our future development. It not only broadens channels of funding and strengthens business expansion, but will raise our corporate position in the capital markets. By integrating support from government, institutions, media and market, we will embrace business entities and infrastructures opportunities which can merge into and enhance our traditional business. Moreover, we are exploring the Hong Kong-Macau new cooperation model in order to take the vital practitioner role in the Greater Bay Area.”