Tefal Kitchen Partner Series UltraBlend Cook, IH Spherical Pot Rice Cooker, Ingenio Cookware Series Make Your Infinite Cooking Dreams Come True

HONG KONG – (ACN Newswire) – Although “a poor craftsman blames his tools”, it is true that using appropriate tools will give multiplying effects. Ever since 1954, when the first non-stick pan was launched, Tefal has been adhering to the motto of “make your everyday life easier”. Till now, Tefal has developed a whole and complete Kitchen Partner Series, where users can find everything they need, ranging from preparing ingredients to making juices, from cooking appliances to cookware. Tefal Kitchen Partner Series includes, but not limited to, 3 main products: UltraBlend Cook blends and cooks at the same time, its high speed brings more nutrients to you and your family; IH Spherical Pot Rice Cooker’s induction heating technology cooks rice from all angles; Ingenio Cookware Series is equipped with detachable handle for your convenience. “From soup to nuts”, Tefal Kitchen Partner Series provides all the tools you need in kitchen, so a chef with Tefal Kitchen Partner Series will not blame but just praise his tools.

Tefal UltraBlend Cook – The Best Hot & Cold Preparations Helper

Soup has been an important part of Chinese meals, but making soups can cost a lot of time. With Tefal UltraBlend Cook, you can blend the ingredients with ultra-high speed and, at the same time, cook thoroughly under 100C. Created by Tripl’Ax Pro Technology, the 6 stainless blades are sharp and hard, perfect for cutting both soft vegetable and hard fish bones, while their 3 complementary actions guarantee complete mix of the ingredients. In addition, contributed by the durable 1,300W motor and 45,000 rotations per minutes high speed, Tefal UltraBlend Cook can cut the ingredients up to 15x thinner and crush hard bones in a few minutes to better release the nutrients from them, so that you can obtain more from every spoon of soup. Even if you use the blender switching between high- and low temperatures, you don’t have to worry as the 1.75L large glass jar is made thermo-resistant, which prevents releasing harmful substances even when undergoing 800C high temperature or switching between high and low temperature with up to 110C temperature difference, so you can trust and rely on Tefal UltraBlend Cook.

Many cooking blenders in the market cannot meet users’ expectations from the angle of blending speed or temperature, leading to the loss of nutrition or inadequate cooking. That is why you need Tefal UltraBlend Cook, because it can control temperature precisely due to the smart temperature sensor installed and thoroughly cook the food under 100C, which ensures food safety. You can also choose from 8 automatic programs from hot soup, multigrain milk to cold drinks such as green smoothie and milkshake, 10 manual speed options, and 40C-100C cooking temperatures, which allows more cooking variations. With Tefal UltraBlend Cook, an ordinary meal will become extraordinarily tasty and healthy!

Suggested Retail Price: HK$2,998

Tefal IH Spherical Pot Rice Cooker – For the Perfect Taste of Rice
Traditional rice cookers are usually installed with a cylindrical inner pot and a heating plate at the base, which means that the heat induction is uneven and in one direction. As a result, rice in the middle is too soft, while that at the periphery too hard (or burnt). To ensure every rice equally tasty, Tefal has invented the new IH Spherical Pot Rice Cooker, which makes use of IH Heat Induction Technology, so that heat is induced to the rice from all directions. This 3D heat induction system entirely ameliorates the old single-directed rice cooking. Other than that, IH Heat Induction can also meet the best temperature in the blink of an eye, and make minute adjustments to both the time and temperature of the selected program because of its sensitivity, so users can enjoy the optimal taste of the rice.

Tefal’s dedication to the structure of the spherical inner pot cannot be omitted. It is not only made of 6 layers of 2mm thick superb heat-conducting and sturdy materials, but also specially designed to have the 62 golden ratio arc to enable exceptional heat convection and avoid heat circulation to happen only at the surface. Rice cooked by the Tefal IH Spherical Pot Rice Cooker shares the same amount of heat flow, and, therefore, regardless of the position, the rice is equally delicious. One more good news to the rookies in cooking! Tefal IH Spherical Pot Rice Cooker has 12 cooking programs, including rice, porridge, congee, claypot, etc., to help you instantly transform into a cooking master!

Suggested Retail Price: HK$1,338

Tefal Ingenio Cookware Series – Ingenious Space-saving for Your Compact Home
Cooking lovers share a common interest- buying different kinds of kitchenware to fulfill the needs of various cooking method. Unfortunately, for the reason of Hong Kong’s cramped living environment, storage of the kitchen tools becomes a problem. Tefal Ingenio Cookware Series help you ease the trouble. With just one click, the detachable handle can be switched from one pan to another, and after removing this component, all pans can be stacked up as if a pile of plates, so you need only one pan’s space for the whole collection. Tefal Ingenio Cookware also provides a great versatility that it can be used to cook on the hob, move to the oven, serve directly onto the table and store leftovers in the fridge. One series for 4 main purposes. That is how Tefal Ingenio Cookware helps you save space and money.

Tefal understands that temperature control is of utmost importance in cooking, so Ingenio Cookware Series especially features the Thermo-Spot, which turns full red when the temperature rises to 180C, the ideal cooking temperature for perfect searing. By doing so, Ingenio Cookware Series guarantees the best texture, the best color and the best taste. Besides, as the pioneer in non-stick cookware, Tefal has brought another revolutionary coating technology to the Ingenio Cookware Series. Its Titanium Excellence non-stick coating is extra-durable and highly resistant thanks to an exclusive, ultra-thick hard base in titanium and a protective coating reinforced with titanium particles, making this coating lasts up to 3 times longer ! Six main benefits: from the hob, into the oven, to the table, fridge or dishwasher, together with the Thermo-Spot and Titanium Excellence non-stick coating, Ingenio is the smart answer to versatile cookware.

Suggested Retail Price: HK$1,990

About Tefal

Founded in 1956, Tefal is an important brand of one of the world’s leading kitchenware and small appliances providers – SEB Group. For over 60 years, Tefal has always been trying to be creative and design products based on users’ needs to make life simpler and happier. In Hong Kong, the brand has already launched 7 main product series, including Cookware & Kitchen, Cooking Appliances, Food & Drink Preparation, Home Cleaning, Linen Care, Home Comfort and Hair Care. With the comprehensive and innovative products, Tefal strives for one goal – to create an excellent and comfortable life for you.

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