Useful Websites to Find Good Career Advice in Singapore


Singapore is a great country with a low cost of living, low taxes, and numerous job opportunities if you have the right career guidance. It is the hub of Asia and a rapidly advancing nation with good career advancement opportunities for qualified professionals. However, the finding a job is extremely competitive especially for a fresh graduate straight out of university or anyone seeking to change professions. Living and working in Singapore is everyone’s dream but if truth be told, entry-level job opportunities are highly competitive.

So how does one rise above the competition and land his or her dream job? Well, it takes a lot of preparation and patience. You need to know where you can get the right information to advance your career long before you even start drafting your resume. With good preparation and proper guidance, you’ll have an easier time getting the right job and advancing your career than the rest. The good news is that the job market in Singapore is growing steadily with more domestic and foreign industries as well as local startups coming up every so often.

One of the best places to find career guidance from professionals and hiring experts is the Internet. There are many open positions in Singapore listed on online job portals every day. The web is your friend when you need to find the right information about your career and available opportunities.

A majority of Singaporeans seeking news and opportunities in the job market are now turning to MyCareersFuture, one of the leading online job sites in Singapore. The site not only lists available job opportunities but goes a step further to provide useful advice on employment-related issues. They cover a wide range of career-related topics such as tips and advice on what you can do to land a good job when you are new in the workforce, factors to consider when moving to a new career, the benefits of working with a career coach when hunting for a job, how to write a powerful resume, acting in interviews, and so much more. This is a must-visit website for anyone interested in building a successful career or simply looking for a new job.

MyCareersFuture also lists a wide range of available jobs complete with all the necessary details about each position. The site has several job opportunity categories such as In-Demand Jobs, Popular Jobs, and even upcoming employment-related events. There’s so much you can learn from the site especially if you’ve just completed your degree course and entered the job market.

If you are looking for permanent or contract jobs, MyCareersFuture is the best place to begin your job search. Keep in mind that a majority of Singapore job offers are handled by contract agencies who list the opportunities in sites such as JobStreet. If you are looking for a permanent position with the potential to advance your career, then you can try the SG government jobs portal where government jobs are listed or simply visit My Career’s Future to see what is currently available.