MESHUB joins Bitwork Accelerator Program

MESHUB is a To-C node-distributed-network product. It uses the underlying blockchain technology with IPFS to form a distributed cloud computing platform with nodes. Through MESHUB, every To-C end user can become a cloud computing service provider and a platform for decentralized applications. MESHUB is a dedicated node for distributed storage, computing and communication. To-C end users with MESHUB can be rewarded by contributing their residual internet bandwidth and computing power.

MESHUB comes with the function of Wifi router and network attached storage to participate in distributed media streaming. With powerful features such as shared streaming CDN node and data storage, everyone can participate in the cloud business at home and contribute to the community. This is a multi-functional device. On the MESHUB platform, DApp can be developed and installed to let users experience the real economic value of Web3.0. It is a cutting-edge product with fog decentralised computing platform on a global scale.

“MESHUB enables blockchain technology and Wed 3.0 for To-C end users, making blockchain products popular. MESHUB’s product development introduces the concept of intelligent application of Internet of Things (IOT), and MESHUB is group of connected devices with multiple function. Providing excellent entertainment and wireless Internet experience, it is a cutting edge product. The MESHUB team will participate Unblock Tokyo event which hosted by BINARYSTAR in Tokyo, Japan on October 5th, IPFS Osaka Meetup event on October 7th, as well as the annual event of Devcon 5 in Osaka, Japan on October 9th-11th. We will take this opportunity to show MESHUB to blockchain developers and attract more blockchain professionals to join our community.” MESHUB CEO Kevin Wong said.

“Bitwork has closely worked with Hong Kong IPFS Community & Protoschool earlier, about blockchain technology education and community activities. This time I am very pleased that Bitwork Accelerator can participate in MESHUB project. Bitwork Accelerator has promoted many traditional enterprises, to pinpoint the problem of traditional economic models, leveraging the blockchain technology with feasible solution, unlock more value with a new economic model. Per our professional team of Bitwork Accelerator in the blockchain marketing, business model design, technology and other experience, MESHUB can be successfully launched, developing its global user profile, establishing its blockchain community and reaching the goal of the Web 3.0 Blockchain as a Service (BaaS),” said Bitwork Co-founder Penny Caesar Law.

More product information and news of MESHUB will be announced later, so stay tuned.

About Bitwork Accelerator (
The Bitwork Accelerator is a program that is focused on helping companies grow and scale their businesses by leveraging the Blockchain technology. They have the experience and capabilities to help match the right resources of the private and public sectors for corporations. It is committed to providing enterprise-level blockchain business solutions and ensuring success. The Bitwork Accelerator will provide 360-degree consultation for companies in order to pinpoint deficiencies in traditional economic models, provide guidance to leapfrog the business and thus discover new opportunities, by introducing Blockchain technology to enable business entities to unlock new value and a new business model.

About Mesh Technology Company Limited (
Mesh Technology Company Limited is highly focusing on blockchain technology development and Web 3.0 application. With a seasoned veteran team, Mesh Tech has been leveraging IPFS block chain technology and its capability of hardware development, to evolve Internet technology from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, and unlock economic value from traditional internet business.

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