Brainhole Tech Seizes Market Opportunities, Expands Business to Smart Living Sector Generates Cross-business Synergies


Brainhole Technology Limited (“Brainhole Tech” or the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) (stock code: 2203) is committed to diversifying its business portfolio. While strengthening its research and development (“R&D”) and innovation capabilities in the semiconductor and hardware businesses, the Group has seized market opportunities for expanding to the smart living sector to generate cross-business synergies.

Proactively expands to smart living sector
At present, China is a world leader in 5G network technology, and has commenced full implementation of a 5G network for commercial and civilian applications in 2020. As technological innovation and development are highly encouraged and supported under China’s state policies, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud computing and big data processing will be benefited continuously. In view of such developments, the Group seeks to capitalize on fast-growing demand for technological applications in the smart living sector.

The Group completed the acquisition of Guangzhou Weaving Communications Telecommunications Technology Limited (“Guangzhou Weaving”) in 2019. Guangzhou Weaving is principally engaged in broadband infrastructure construction and the provision of integrated solutions for smart domain applications in China, including smart home, smart campus and smart communities. Its smart domain solution includes hardware for security and identification purposes, software for residential management, energy saving, and community services. The Group will continue seeking other acquisition or investment targets, primarily focusing on areas of smart living related technologies and electronic parts for artificial intelligence and Internet of Things, which could have potential business synergy with Guangzhou Weaving and the semiconductor business.

Strong and experienced management team
To support the various business expansion and development plans, Brainhole Tech has hired Mr. Tong Wen-hsin (former Chairman of the Board of FIH Mobile Limited) to join the Board and management team of the Group. He possesses extensive operation and management experience in the investment banking, finance and information technology fields. On the other hand, Mr. Liu Yi (former General Manager of Huawei product line), the new CEO of Guangzhou Weaving, has been leading the company to exceptional results. At present, the company has partnered with high technology brandname such as Huawei etc., and is preparing to collaborate in various projects.

Strengthen R&D and innovation capabilities for semiconductor and hardware businesses
Last year, the Group’s semiconductor business encountered many challenges especially in the impact arising from the Sino-American trade war and the coronavirus disease. Due to gradual control of the epidemic in China, the Group’s production and operation have promptly been resumed. The Group understands that the semiconductor industry is characterized by rapid technological changes and evolving industry standards, and an effective quality assurance system is critical to its success. The Group therefore intends to continue its R&D efforts so as to strengthen production processes and quality controls.

Looking ahead, the Group will vigorously explore other business opportunities in order to initiate and build a diversified business landscape and enhance corporate strengths. Those opportunities include developing smart campus in China, an all-in-one technological innovation industrial parks that supports and pilots the application of innovative solutions, drives new technology developments and enhances collaborations of high-technology companies. By leveraging the management team’s expertise and ties in the mobile telecommunication, networking and smart city sectors, as well as the Group’s well-established relations with telecom carriers and property developers, together with support from the local government in the form of preferential policies, the Group believes that it can effectively assist the local government in configuring the infrastructure and providing technological support for developing and building a complete smart campus. The smart campus can be used as an incubator for attracting talent and companies from nationwide and worldwide to start their R&D and production lines of smart technologies within the campus.

About Brainhole Technology Limited (stock code: 2203)
Brainhole Technology Limited (“Brainhole Tech”), formerly known as Top Dynamic International Holdings Limited, is intent on exploring and leveraging advanced technologies in order to become a world leading provider of technology products and solutions for smart domain applications that enhance the quality of life of the individual and contribute to the wellbeing of the community. Brainhole Tech operates as a semiconductor manufacturer and smart domain solution service provider based on smart communication infrastructure. The Company offers products and solutions surrounding the smart home, smart community, and smart city, including but not limited to intellectual communication devices and applications for security-related software and hardware, among other purposes. Brainhole Tech has customers from around the world, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan and Europe.