Australia: Mobecom Expands Commercial Deal with Vodacom

Photo credit: Mobecom

Mobecom announced today an expansion of its initial agreement with Vodacom Group Limited, a deal that started in December 2017.

In a disclosure to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), the company said Vodacom has also agreed to develop a new enterprise extension for their “Switched On Benefits” (SOB) platform.

“This will allow Vodacom to serve up deals and offers to a greater audience, incapsulating merchants, and allowing partners to view deals and promotions via event driven MicroService APIs,” the company disclosed.

The technology will be underpinned by Mobecom’s newly developed “Mosaic” Enterprise Engagement Platform (EEP).

Currently, SOB has approximately 1 million monthly paying subscribers and approximately 4 million “freemium” subscribers. This new enterprise play for Vodacom will result in a significant increase in the number of paying monthly subscribers within the SOB platform, which Mobecom said will result in a significant increase in the month SaaS revenues generated for the company.

The commercial extension provides further validation of Mobecom’s digital and enterprise customer engagement platform and technology.

“I am incredibly excited about the opportunity to extend our partnership with Mobecom and in particular to be able to access the new features available in the new Mosaic build. We believe it will bcome a fundamental part of SOB’s future growth strategy and we are expecting to drive substantial new revenue streams from its implementation,” said Anthony Theunissen, digital executive at Vodacom.

Mobecom is a full-stack customer engagement technology provider that delivers end-to-end technology solutions for businesses to engage with their customers. Its primary focus is providing an exchange for digital assets through its Mosaic EEP.

“This is a significant opportunity for both Mobecom and Vodacom to grow the partnership and secure a strong position within Vodacom’s digital distribution business in South Africa,” Mobecom’s executive chairman Iain Dunstan said.

Vodacom is a leading African communications company providing communication services, including mobile voice, messaging, data, financial, and converged services to 66.8 million customers. –