FGEN LNG to Introduce Small-Scale LNG Solutions wit FPIP

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FGEN LNG Corporation (FGEN LNG), a wholly-owned subsidiary of First Gen Corporation (First Gen), is exploring the viability of developing small-scale liquefied natural gas (ssLNG) solutions at the First Philippine Industrial Park (FPIP), one of the largest and fastest-growing industrial parks in the Philippines today.

FPIP, which is strategically located in the CALABARZON (Cavite-Laguna-Batangas-Rizal- Quezon) industrial region south of Manila, could receive LNG via trucks and specialized insulated containers supplied from FGEN LNG’s Interim Offshore LNG Terminal (Project) which will be located at the First Gen Clean Energy Complex (FGCEC) in Batangas City, approximately 50 kilometers away from FPIP.

The Project will allow FGEN LNG to be able to bring in a Floating Storage & Regasification Unit (FSRU) on an interim basis and thus accelerate FGEN LNG’s ability to introduce LNG to the Philippines as early as Q3 2022 to serve the natural gas requirements of existing and future gas-fired power plants of third parties and FGEN LNG affiliates, such as FPIP. Provision has been made at the FGCEC to install an LNG truck loading facility to load LNG into ISO containers transported by truck.

The use of ssLNG technology can enable the delivery (in the form of LNG) and use as natural gas (once regasified) in locations in which developing a traditional gas pipeline network is not feasible. As such, ssLNG may provide a considerable opportunity for the Philippines because of its geographical conditions, with many outlying locations and islands in which electric power is provided by thermal power generation using diesel and other petroleum products.

According to the International Gas Union World LNG Report – 2020 Edition, interest in ssLNG around the world is growing as LNG transportation to satellite LNG regasification operations for industrial facilities and remote communities is expected to increase due to economic development in areas that cannot be served by natural gas pipeline supplies in a timely way or face significant barriers.

Initiatives to deliver a flexible supply of LNG to isolated areas can reduce emissions, using LNG as a substitute to other, less clean, fossil fuels increase and generate more demand for LNG.

FGEN LNG will focus on developing small-scale LNG solutions in two phases. In the first phase, FGEN LNG and FPIP will assess introducing small-scale LNG to FPIP’s industrial park and shall identify a site inside the industrial park that can accommodate a satellite LNG receiving, storage, and regasification facility, which can then serve locators in the industrial park and other nearby industrial users. In the second phase, FGEN LNG will examine bringing LNG to other islands in the Philippines using small-scale LNG carriers. – BusinessNewsAsia.com