5 Ways In Which Slow Internet Is Slowing Your Business

Slow Internet
Photo by Leon Selbert on Unsplash

The Internet is crucial in today’s time not only to communicate but also to grow a business. In fact, during the pandemic, the businesses that were digitally run or managed not only survived but experienced growth too. However, simply having an internet connection to go digital is not enough. It is also essential to have a good internet speed. A poor internet connection slows your business’s growth and can have other catastrophic impacts like losing out on revenues. Here are five ways in which slow internet is slowing your business.

1. It reduces the productivity of the employees

A slow internet connection means poor downloading and uploading speed, which you can check on Speed Test. In addition to it, the apps and software that depend upon the internet also run at a slow pace. Currently, many businesses are cloud-dependent for maintaining their data. Having a slow internet connection can therefore hamper the productivity of the employees. It, in turn, slows down all the business processes.

For instance, imagine an employee needs to upload a document to the cloud for proofreading. A slow internet connection will increase the duration of the uploading process. As a result, the proofreading action will also start later. Hence, the entire chain of processes suffers because of a slow internet connection.

2. Weakens Customer Service

A poor internet connection can devastate when a customer calls to resolve an issue. Imagine the horror of keeping a customer waiting for an extended time simply because the internet connection is so slow and the employee cannot extract the required data. Use Globe to check the internet speed to ensure that the internet speed is enough to give good customer support.

Further, there are many ways to provide customer care service, like streaming a video to make it easier for the customers to understand something. In such scenarios, having a good internet connection is of utmost importance.

3. Lag In Video Conferences

Today, businesses have gone global. Not all the clients are present in the local area where one can just go and meet. Video conferences play an essential part in staying in touch with international clients. On the other hand, remote work has become a trend after the pandemic. Video conferences are crucial in keeping all the team members on the same page while working remotely.

However, to enjoy a seamless video conference, a good internet connection is required. A slow internet connection creates lagging issues, making it extremely difficult to maintain a flow in the conversation.

4. It Can Force Your Customers To Move Out

If you are running a hospitality business, good internet speed is not a luxury but a basic necessity. People love to connect to Wi-Fi to carry on with heavy internet activity. However, if your office or other working space provides the customers with a Wi-Fi connection, you need to ensure that the internet speed is reasonable. Customers not only notice a slow internet connection but also ensure to write the same in the review. The internet is a necessity of today’s life, and a bad internet connection can ruin the customer’s experience.

5. Loss Of Revenue

A slow internet connection can cause both direct and indirect loss of revenue for the business. As discussed above, a slow internet connection reduces the employees’ productivity. This slows the business growth. Also, a slow internet connection can result in a missed deadline too. If your business is heavily dependent on internet activities, compromising the internet speed will compromise the business revenue.

How To Improve Internet Speed For Your Business?

There are numerous ways to improve the internet speed for your business. Firstly, the router needs to be placed on strengthening the Wi-Fi signal. Simply placing the Wi-Fi router away from the wall and the ground can tremendously strengthen the internet speed. Secondly, check whether you are receiving the internet speed for which you have paid.

Also, ensure that the devices that need to use the internet are well within the range of the modem. The other way to instantly boost the internet speed is by updating the modem, hardware and software. Further, consider getting a Wi-Fi extender to increase the Wi-Fi coverage area. Last, keep changing the Wi-Fi password to ensure that unauthorised people are not consuming your internet.