Goverment Urges 458 Filipinos Still in Yemen to Return to the Philippines

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) of the Philippines said there are still an estimated 458 Filipinos in Yemen despite the Philippine government’s efforts to repatriate them.

The DFA again reiterated its call to Filipinos who are still in Yemen to sign up for repatriation while it is still possible to move them out of Yemen.

“Once again, the DFA reiterates its call to all Filipinos remaining in Yemen to return to the Philippines as soon as possible,” the DFA said in a statement.

A total of 413 Filipinos have been evacuated out of Yemen and about 150 repatriates are expected to be flown to the Philippines from Riyadh on Saturday.

The first batch composed of fifty (50) repatriates will arrive at 10:05 a.m. on board PR655, while the second batch composed of one hundred (100) repatriates will arrive at 3:40 p.m. on board 5J741.

This is the second group of Filipinos evacuated from Yemen to arrive in Manila, while more are expected to return to the country in the coming weeks. Representatives from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and from the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration will be present at the airport to provide assistance and briefings to the repatriates. –