Philippine Milk Tea Poisoning Update: Third Victim in Stable Condition

Milk Tea

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Authorities said that the third person involved in the milk tea poisoning incident, which killed two persons, in Manila is now in stable condition.

The police said Arnold Aydalla, one of the three persons who took a sip out of what authorities said was contaminated milk tea, is now in stable condition at a hospital in Manila.

Aydalla survived the incident while his girlfriend, Suzaine Dagohoy, and milk tea store owner William Abrigo died in the hospital.

Aydalla and Dagohoy ordered the Hokkaido-flavored milk tea prepared by the owner himself Thursday morning.

Aydalla first took a sip and immediately spit it out after the milk tea tasted differenty. Aydalla handed the cup of milk tea to Dagohoy, who also took a sip and then spit the liquid out.

The two confronted the shop owner, who also took a sip to show that the ingredients of his milk shake were not spoiled.

Aydalla left the store to buy candy while the shop owner concocted another milk tea mix for the couple to replace the first serving.

Dagohoy, however, suddenly fell unconscious while the owner also slumped into the floor. Aydalla also started feeling dizzy.

The three were rushed to the hospital. The police said Dagohoy died at 3:26pm while Abrigo, the owner of Ergo Cha Milk Tea House also died at 5:40pm.

Health experts said the incident happened too fast, too quick and too fatal that the victims lost consciousness in just a matter of minutes.

The City Health Department of Manila is conducting a thorough investigation to determine what really caused the poisoning. –