20 More Ugandan Women Sex Slaves Hiding in Kuala Lumpur

MALAYSIA – At least 20 more Ugandan women sex slaves are hiding in Kuala Lumpur to avoid being arrested by authorities or being hunted by their recruiters, sources said.

The report about more Ugandan sex slave women in Kuala Lumpur was revealed following the rescue of three Ugandan sex slaves in Malaysia’s capital.

Sources added that there are even Ugandan women sex slaves in Malaysian prisons for various offenses.

The Ugandan women in Malaysia were among the group of women that were trafficked from Uganda to different countries and were promised employment.

The Ugandan women, however, ended up as sex slaves.

“A number of Ugandan ladies and men are victims of human trafficking in Malaysia, China and (other) Asian countries. We are working hard to ensure the remaining victims return home,” said Uganda High Commissioner Stephen Miburu.

Bernama reported that Uganda’s High Commission in Kuala LUmpur rescued three Ugandan sex slaves, who experienced the “most inhuman forms of mental and physical torture”.

The three girls were scheduled to return home on Thursday via an Ethiopian Airways flight. – BusinessNewsAsia.com