Philippine Comedian Richie D’ Horsie Succumbs to Multiple Organ Failure

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Comedian Richie D’ Horsie, who rose to fame as sidekick of comedy trio Tito, Vic and Joey, died Friday of complications from diabetes, kidney failure and brain attack.

Richie D’ Horsie, Ricardo Reyes in real life, has been in and out of the hospital since last year. He was 58.

According to his niece, April Alcober, the comedian died in his residence at 9:24 p.m. Friday due to complications of diabetes, kidney failure and brain stroke.

D’ Horsie’s death was also confirmed by Bibeth Orteza, who posted the news on her Facebook page.

“Rest in Peace, Ricardo Reyes, aka Ritchie D’ Horsie. Godspeed.”

D’ Horsie became popular as a sidekick to Tito Sotto, Vic Soto and Joey de Leon in the 80s but lost his fame due to his vices.

He served five years in jail because of drug possession charges, before being released in 2008 after Vic Sotto shouldered his bail bond of P120,000. –