Milk Tea Stores Caught Selling Expired Ingredients in Davao, Philippines

Milk Tea

DAVAO, PHILIPPINES – At least two milk tea sores in Davao City were caught allegedly selling expired milk tea ingredients just a few weeks after two persons in Manila died due to milk tea poisoning, authorities said.

The discovery of the milk tea shops, located inside a mall in the city, came after the Davao City Health Office conducted massive inspection of milk tea shops in the city.

Milk Tea
Milk Tea

The two shops, however, complained that there sales have been affected following the reports that they were selling expired milk tea ingredients.

But Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said naming the two shops that were found selling expired milk tea ingredients was the right thing to do to also protect the businesses of those who are following the law.

The City Health Department suggested that the names of the two shops be kept confidential.

“I don’t want them to be named but, in fairness to others selling milk tea, we have to because the rest will also be suspected to have committed the same violations. You are deluding the public into buying something fresh when it is not,” he said.

The City Health Department is now awaiting the recommendation of the City Legal Office for appropriate actions against the milk tea shops.

Local government units around the Philippines have been stepping up their inspection on milk tea shops and stores that are selling milk tea ingredients.

This after two persons, a customer and the milk tea shops owner, died after sipping milk tea in Manila. –