Philippine Milk Tea Poisoning: Oxalic Acid Killed Victims

Milk Tea

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – The Philippine National Police (PNP) said the remains of two people killed after drinking milk tea in Manila have tested positive for oxalic acid, a toxic bleaching substance.

In a statement on Monday, forensic examinations conducted by the PNP Crime Laboratory found that Ergo Cha milk tea shop owner William Abrigo and customer Suzaine Dagohoy died due “to shock probably secondary to ingestion of toxic substance”.

“About 10 µg/mL (micrograms per milliliter) of oxalic acid is considered dangerous amount. The average human body contains approximately four (4) liters of blood, therefore, it will only take about 40mg of oxalic acid to poison a human body which can potentially lead to a person’s death,” said PNP Crime Laboratory director Chief Supt. Theresa Ann Cid.

As this developed, the police has formally filed murder and frustrated murder charges against Abrigo’s son, Lloyd.

A shop assistant implicated Lloyd in the incident, saying he brought a foul-smelling liquid into the store before the incident.

The police also questioned why Lloyd left his dying father in the hospital and went back to the milk tea shop to throw the liquid substance away.

Lloyd’s lawyer, however, said the investigators did not thoroughly study the case and filed the charges against his client prematurely. –