Taiwan Requires Insurance Coverage for Chinese Tourists


TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Starting October 2015, all tourists from mainland China will have to show proof of insurance before they will be allowed to enter Taiwan, the Tourism Bureau of Taiwan has announced.

Mainland Chinese tourists who will not be able to show proof that they have purchased travel insurance that covers unexpected illnesses or injuries sustained while traveling in Taiwan will not be given entry permits.

The Tourism Bureau took notice of the increase in the number of tourists from mainland China, boosting Taiwan’s tourism revenue.

However, the bureau also noticed that the rise in the number of Chinese tourists also created issues such as the increase in medical service charges that Chinese tourists owed.

The medical fees owed by Chinese tourists have reached TWD5m (USD160,256) in the past five years, with TWD4m registered last year alone.

According to the Travel Quality Assurance Association in Taiwan, travel agencies will be required to purchase liability insurance covering TWD2m for each tourist. – BusinessNewsAsia.com