Candies ‘Poison’ 200 Students in the Philippines

SURIGAO, PHILIPPINES – At least 200 students fell ill after eating durian and mangosteen-flavored candies in the province of Surigao del Sur, northern Philippines, on Friday.

Eight persons have already been arrested for allegedly selling the contaminated candies that downed at least 200 students in the town of Cagwait.

Authorities fear that the number could rise because sources said the vendors were able to sell the candies to five other towns.

The eight vendors were reporteldy onboard an L-300 van going from one town to another to sell their candies near schools.

Surigao del Sur provincial director Senior Supt. Narciso Verdadero said the victims were from the towns of Cagwait, Lianga, San Agustin, Tago, Marihatag and the city of Tandag.

The police already took custody of the vehicle used by the vendors. –