US BPO NexGen Opens Contact Center in the Philippines


The Philippines’ reputation as one of the world’s top destination for business process outsourcing (BPO) has been further boosted after the US-based BPO firm NexGen Agency launched its social contact and command center, NexGen BPO Philippines, in the country.

Situated in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, the NexGen BPO Philippines center is set to deliver deliver customer support operations for the global clients of NexGen Agency, a provider of integrated contact center solutions and social media management services.

This location will provide outsourced customer service, lead generation, specialized research, chat and email support, social media management and other business process outsourcing services.

“The Philippines has always been an extremely important location for us. As a worldwide provider, it is imperative we focus on growth in this region capitalizing on the large pool of skilled talent,” said NexGen Agency’s CEO Mike Epstein..

He added: “Customers expect exceptional service and instant response, 24X7, across all communication channels. Our multi-lingual and multi-channel offshore network plays an important role in delivering innovative, low-cost solutions to our clients.”

Epstein underscored the country’s large pool of skilled talent as among the reasons why the agency picked the Philippines as a BPO location.

Meanwhile, MasterCard Inc, an American multinational financial services corporation, is also planning to outsource parts of its business to the Philippines and Bulgaria.

A report published by UK-based Peterborough Telegraph said the company will outsource an element of its business from its office in Peterborough, UK to the Philippines and Bulgaria.

The newspaper quoted an unnamed MasterCard employee as saying that the outsourcing move will result in the loss of jobs for 300 permanent employees.

The move will also result to the redundancy of 300 subcontracted jobs.

However, a MasterCard spokesperson did not disclose the number of jobs that will be affected but told the newspaper that the figures in the report were not accurate.-