Cloud To Generate 14 Million Jobs This Year


CLOUD EXPO ASIA, SINGAPORE – Cloud computing is forecast to generate about 14 million new jobs this year, offering tremendous opportunity for younger people and those who are rediscovering their careers and getting new skills, said Max Peterson II GM Partners, Capture & Contracts for Global Public Sector at Amazon Web Services.

Peterson, who spoke during the opening of Cloud Expo Asia at Suntec Convention Center in Singapore on Wednesday, said cloud represents a huge opportunity not just for businesses and government but for the public as a whole.


“There is a tremendous opportunity for us to create a new generation of workforce that is smart, agile, fast and innovative and knows how to use cloud,” he said at the Opening Plenary, joining a team of experts who delivered their outlook on the future of cloud.

Amazon Web Services is supporting the initiative of creating a new generation of cloud-ready workforce by recently launching a program aimed at helping dramatically accelerate teaching in classrooms with the goal of graduating cloud-savvy students.

“Through education and lifetime running initiatives, we’re helping students how to get the necessary skills they need for cloud computing… cloud represents a huge opportunity for good jobs and economic development,” Peterson added.

Cloud Benefits for Government and Businesses

Peterson stressed that the world is currently in the midst of technology revolution and that cloud computing truly offers a world of opportunities for government and businesses. These opportunities, he said, are the reasons why companies, government, and education are now flocking to cloud.

“For government and business customers, cloud computing represents a tremendous opportunity to cost savings, it improves IT and business operations and you get the strategic benefits of a more agile, more responsive way to address customers, constituents and students needs,” he said.

Choosing the right cloud service provider, however, should be carefully planned because Peterson said it is important that cloud service providers meet global and regional security standards. He also downplayed claims that security threats abound in cloud computing.

Quoting Jay Heiser of Gartner, Peterson said clouds are secure and enterprises and government should not worry much about cloud security threats.

“Clouds are secure and what we really need to focus on is using the clouds properly to deliver security for our enterprises,” he said.

Amazon Web Services is the exclusive sponsor of Cloud Asia.