HONG KONG — Wonderful Sky Financial Group Holdings Limited (the “Company”, stock code: 1260.HK) is pleased to announce the audited consolidated results of the Company and its subsidiaries (collectively the “Group”) for the year ended 31 March 2017(the “Review Period”).

During the Review Period, the Company’s business developed steadily. The Company’s revenue amounted to HK$619.9 million, Profit for the year attributable to owners of the Company amounted to HK$271.2 million, representing an increase of approximately 13.0%. Basic earnings per share amounted to HK$22.7 cents, increase of approximately 11.3%. The Company maintained a high dividend payout rate. The board of directors of the Company resolved that final dividend of HK4.9 cents per share and special dividend of HK2.5 cents per share, totalling approximately HK$88.2 million.

During the Review Period, the financial public relation service segment performed outstanding. This business segment delivered a turnover of approximately HK$513.9 million, representing an increase of approximately 12.9%. The profit of this business segment for the Review Period was approximately HK$291.0 million, representing an increase of approximately 11.8%. The increase in revenue and profit of this business segment was attributed to the bigger market share that the Group has in the Hong Kong financial public relations market in the current year. Meanwhile, the Company provided international roadshow services include coordination, organisation and management of the overall logistics of roadshows for its clients. While the Company handle this for its clients, they would be able to focus on the presentation aspect of the roadshows.

Expanding the overseas market actively
During the Review Period, the Group continued to be the absolute leader in terms of market share in the financial public relations and international roadshow markets in Hong Kong. At the same time, in light of the needs of cross-border capital markets, the Company is further developing its overseas, Hong Kong and mainland China markets through setting up offices in international cities like Singapore and through further strengthening and integration of its overseas, Hong Kong and mainland China work force.

In the 2016/2017 financial year, the Company’s mainland China working team, with its one-stop integrated financial public relations services, successfully completed the listing of China Nuclear Engineering Co., Ltd. on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and Chinamerica Educational Development Consulting Associates on the New OTC (Over the counter) Market in the PRC; Singapore team also completed the listing of China Jinjiang Environmental Holdings Company Limited on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited.

Building up diversified financial service
In addition to geographical expansion, the Company is continuing to meet the service requirements of its customers. The Company is improving and expanding its professional services in order to provide diversified one-stop financial services to its customers. At the date of this report, its Company, CECEP (Hong Kong) Investment Co., Ltd. (the only state-owned company engaged in energy conservation and environmental protection and which is directly and wholly sponsored by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council) and Shinewing (HK) CPA Ltd. have jointly formed a company, CECEP Environmental Consulting Group. It helps its customers to prepare environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) reports and also provide all-round tailor-made ESG solutions. The Company has also entered into the human resources search market. The Company subscribed for shares in Talentpool (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. which is engaged in the provision of professional search solutions to companies with senior managerial needs. The Company will actively explore expansion into the strategy consultancy and asset management businesses and will enter these fields at opportune time.

While the Company is constantly updating and strengthening its database, it is also proactively building the “Wonderful Cloud” financial service platform. Wonderful Cloud is leveraging on its offline advantages to provide value-adding services including information sharing, data storage and sharing and professional data analysis to capital market professionals, senior executives of listed companies and the general public. Wonderful Cloud will not only help the Company to develop its online services, but also increase client loyalty and help the Group to expand geographically.

In light of the further opening up of the capital markets in mainland China and the
closer connection between the capital markets of Hong Kong and mainland China, the Company is actively exploring the media market in mainland China. At the date of this report, the Company has established a strategic cooperation with Zhexi (Shanghai) Culture Media Company Limited and has acquired a 20% equity interest.

Looking ahead, the Company’s management believes the operating environment to continue to be full of challenges. From a long-term perspective, the Company can see the global economy is gradually recovering, the pace of reform of mainland China enterprises is gathering more speed and the interaction of the capital markets of Hong Kong and mainland China has brought lasting and healthy growth to the financial public relations industry of the two places. The Company will continue to explore strategic cooperation, acquisition and joint venture opportunities to execute its global development strategy. At the same time, the Company will continue to leverage on its experience, skillset and know-how to build new growth drivers and initiate new value-adding services so as to solidify its leader position in the industry. The Company will try to maximize the value of the Company for shareholders.