Coca-Cola Employees Join Coastal Clean-up in the Philippines

Coca-Cola employees prove the value of collaboration and cooperation at the 34th ICC.

In keeping with its Go Beyond Good manifesto, Coca-Cola Philippines has again mobilized its associates to participate in the 34th International Coastal Clean-Up.

In the Philippines, the company has 19 bottling plants and over 50 sales and distribution offices.

The company believes that responsible stewardship of the environment is a collective effort—everyone has a part to play. During the 34th ICC, Coca-Cola worked hand-in-hand with various partners to ensure a more far-reaching impact for the activity.

In Cebu, over 150 Coca-Cola associates spent their day at Sitio Lusimba, Brgy. Basak, San Nicolas & Brgy. Canjulao, Lapu-Lapu City, to take part in the cleaning activities.

“The Queen City of the South has long been a home to Coca-Cola so it’s only right that we participate in initiatives that ensure the cleanliness of our environment. The ICC is one of the ways we show our commitment to bring to life in Cebu our World Without Waste vision,” said Manny Bibit, Coca-Cola Cebu plant manager.

Aiming to dispel the notion that plastic packaging simply becomes “waste” after serving its initial purpose, the company has doubled down on its campaign to reiterate that high-value plastics, such as PET bottles, have life beyond their initial use, as these are 100% recyclable and therefore can be further transformed into many useful products.

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The company has also been leading several initiatives across the country demonstrating this.

Coca-Cola envisions a World Without Waste where it closes the loop on its packaging, by collecting and recycling every bottle and aluminum can it sells by 2030.

In the Philippines, the Company has been coordinating and collaborating with various partners, local government units, and NGOs as it works towards this goal.

Coca-Cola has also made a commitment to help create World Without Waste (WWW) communities across the Philippines—where Coca-Cola will bring together local communities, civil society groups, and the youth to develop and carry out holistic solid waste management plans.