What Pet Owner Should Know About Coronavirus

Being a pet parent must have made you go anxious by hearing the recent news and many are wondering whether pets can carry the coronavirus. If so, you might also wonder if they can infect you and these are common questions that arise in the minds of pet parents.

But you can have some peace of mind as WHO has denied any such shreds of evidence which states pet as coronavirus carriers. So, if you have been secretly thinking about abandoning your pets, then you need to read this article to get acquainted with reality.

Can pets spread coronavirus to humans?

There was quite a high noise few day agot, when it was found that a Pomeranian dog was infected by the coronavirus, in Hong Kong. This created a chaotic situation and made people go skeptical about whether their pets can spread this virus to humans.

But, until now, there has been no affirmation for the same, and while WHO confirmed it, they will closely monitor the situation and advise the public otherwise.

Your furry friends can tend to be your perfect partners when you are trying to rejuvenate yourself after a long tiring day. The fear of coronavirus may have though left you in doubt whether you can continue with all the pampering and play sessions owing to the coronavirus symptoms. But the good news is you are not in danger if you own a pet.

They do not spread coronavirus, nor are they under any immense risk. COVID-19 is mainly spread through droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or speaks and transmission from pets to humans has not been confirmed yet.

A few days back, people were cautioned to maintain distance from their pets after detecting coronavirus symptoms in a Pomeranian dog in Hong Kong. But the real reason behind the dog acquiring coronavirus was because it belonged to a coronavirus patient.

The virus is mighty enough to spread itself amongst humans and is unlikely to pass on to cats and dogs. If you have perfectly healthy environment all around yourself and your pets do not loiter around outside, then you do not have to worry about your pets being at risk, however, such as any relative, you need to care about their pets to keep them healthy and fluffy.

Pet coronavirus WHOAlso, make sure that you wash and sanitize your hands after touching your pets because though they do not spread coronavirus, but their saliva can surely spread germs.

How to protect your pets amid coronavirus outbreak?

Coronavirus in pets has not shown higher numbers to date, and thus the risk is very minimal.

But still, prevention is better than cure, and your furry pets can be prevented from acquiring any such infection. So here is how you can protect your pets from coronavirus attack:

  • To make sure they are always refreshed, grooming products for dogs can help as well as protective suits that can protect them amidst the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Also, make sure that you keep a note of all the vaccinations essential for your pet. Keep them up to date with all their vaccines and ensure that you take them for regular routine check-ups to check out for any infections.
  • Apart from caring for your pets, pet parents should also take care of themselves and should practice proper hygiene. Washing hands after touching pets and their staples are necessary whenever you come in contact with your pets. Also, maintain a clean environment in your surroundings and avoid kissing your pets.
  • Any individual with any kind of sickness should avoid building contact with their pets. Also, if you happen to witness any changes in the overall health of your pets, do not overlook it and take them straight to a vet.


Coronavirus is a seldom killer and can cause a toll on the health of the infected person. But prevention is all in your hands. Though there are no traces that your pets can be coronavirus carriers, you still need to take up all precautionary measures to save yourself from being infected as there is no vaccine for it till date.