American Soldier Among 10 Killed in Kabul Military Base Attack

An US soldier was likely to be among those killed in an attack on an American military base in Kabul, Afghanistan, CNN and Fox News have reported.

The US government, however, has not confirmed the nationality of the NATO coalition soldier who was killed along with nine Afghan contractors.

Reports said hundreds of NATO soldiers and foreign contracted civilians were wounded in the night attack on Friday, Col. Brian Tribus, NATO spokesman, told the Associated Press.

The attack occurred on Camp Integrity, an American base in Kabul. Camp Integrity is run by U.S. security contractor Academi, which was known as Blackwater before being sold to investors.

The attack on the camp was one of three attacks to hit the Afghan capital on Friday.

The three attacks have resulted to the death of at least 50 people, making Friday the single bloodiest day for Kabul in recent years.

“We strongly condemn the series of insurgent attacks in Kabul,” U.S. State Department spokesperson Mark Toner said in a statement Saturday. – BusinessNewsAsia.