17 HK-listed corporates together with Capital Market Elites gathered at the event;
For business opportunities and Leaping into Investment Golden Age


HONG KONG — Bo Cai Jing, the Investor Relations brand under Greater-China professional Financial Communications and Investor Relations Consultancy LBS Communications Consulting Limited (“LBS Communications”) partnered China leading media, CNFOL Limited (“CNFOL”), and cooperated with Gelonghui, Sina Finance, and Yuediaoyan successfully organized its second “Good Fortune” series Investor Summit in Shenzhen Jinmao Shenzhen JW Marriott Hotel on June 1, 2017, followed by the Roadshow Week. The Summit and Roadshow Week enabled investors to explore opportunities for leaping into the new investment era.

A number of important guests were invited to make speeches at the event. Senior Vice President of China Customer Relations and Marketing Department of Hong Kong Stock Exchange Mr. Joe Zhou presented an In-depth analysis of the interconnection between the two places how they gradually integrate into the “common market”. Vice President of Gelonghui Mr Ren Min shared thoughts on three hot topics in the capital markets, including the impact of overseas investors on the market, the significance of Southbound Investment and shortselling. Investment Director of Dongxing Securities (Hong Kong) Asset Management Co., Ltd. Mr. Aaron Yeung, Managing Director of WanHai Securities Mr. Howard Zheng, and Investment Manager and writer Mr. He Min analyzed trends, updates and experiences related to capital markets.

17 benchmark companies from the Hong Kong capital market including Anta Sports(02020.hk), Lifetech Scientific (01302.hk), First Cap GP (01269.hk), Kingdee Int’l (00268.hk), Huiyuan Juice (01886.hk), Q Tech (01478.hk), HMV Digit China (08078.hk), Modern Dental (03600.hk), BJ Properties (00925.hk), Anton Oilfield (03337.hk), Perfect Group (03326.hk), New Ray Medic (06108.hk), Silver Base (00886.hk), ShenzhenExpress (00548.hk), Tsaker Chem (01986.hk) and Wai Chi Hold (01305.hk) were invited to join Bo Cai Jing Roadshow Week. Participating firms shared great times together and Sina Finance was responsible for on-site live broadcasting.

Ms. Joanne Chan, Managing Director of LBS Communications Consultants Limited, commented in an interview, “Our Shenzhen Investor Summit 2016 received high recognition from the market and our event returned with pride in 2017. We up-scaled our event by inviting a larger group of capital market experts and more Hong Kong stocks listed companies to participate. Just as Mr. Charles Li, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, commented earlier, China’s global allocation of assets will be the future trend, Hong Kong is committed to becoming the next phase of the common market linking China and the world. Upon the general trend of interconnection between China and Hong Kong, we are glad seeing our clients and outstanding listed companies actively interacting with China and Hong Kong investment elites. We also hope that the investment values of quality listed companies will be explored, to create two-way communication, and to achieve win-win situation! ”

As the sponsor of the LBS Investor Summit, the recognition received by guests and media was well reflected through the successful completion of the event. By leveraging the rich public communications and investor relations experience accumulated over the past years serving Hong Kong and overseas companies, LBS Communications has established a huge investor database covering Hong Kong, China and many other regions to effectively promote the information exchange. Hong Kong stock market has entered the prospering age, global investors all eyed on Greater China, in addition to the concept of the new economy, the key to success is to grasp long-term investment values from a basket of shares. LBS Communications will make good use of its global network for value exploration.”