Four-Year-Old Malaysian Girl Survives Seven-Floor Apartment Fall

MALAYSIA – In what others considered as a miracle, a four-year-old girl survived a potentially deadly seven-floor fall from an apartment building in Presint 14, Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Although she sustained injuries in the head, the four-year-old girl survived the plunge as she hit a roof on the first floor, saving her from instant death, the police said.

Putrajaya Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Abdul Razak Abdul Majid said the incident occurred at 3pm when the victim and her aunt wanted to take the elevator to the 7th floor of the apartment block.

The girl first entered the elevator but the lift’s door suddenly closed, leaving the girl all by herself inside. The police chief said the woman used the staircase to chase the girl but could not save her in time.

The girl allegedly climbed on to a railing before dropping at least 50 feet.

“The aunt ran up the stairs, trying to catch up with the elevator, but on arriving at the seventh floor, she found the child had already fallen,” he told reporters here today.

The girl was rushed to Hospital Serdang where she is undergoing treatment.

The police is still investigating the case and Abdul Razak yet he has yet to receive the official report detailing the incident. –